Hopsylvania IPA

Homebrewing project by Radu Luchian


Imperial Red Ale

Bad Cat by Bulldog Brews

My second and latest batch, this tasty homebrew overlapped with the biggest part of my Hopsylvania branding project. I got to add the aroma hops myself for the first time (Amarillo and Willamete pellets) and also ended up with quite a big batch, at around 24 L in total. Having almost 3 full crates of beer and a more polished packaging this time, I ended up sharing a lot of the bottles with friends, family and colleagues.

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Bad Cat by Bulldog Brews

India Pale Ale

IPA by Brewferm

My first contact with the world of homebrewing, this IPA was made from a full extract kit by Brewferm. The simple to follow instructions and straightforward process made it the gateway homebrew for me. Unfortunately the end result didn't quite live up to my expectations, in fact it didn't really have anything to do with how an IPA should taste like, but at least it was a start.

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IPA by Brewferm


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Some time ago I was enjoying an Imperial Red Ale brewed by a good friend of mine at his place in Amsterdam. That was when George first slipped the Hopsylvania name into the conversation. Depite being a beer enthusiast at the time, I had not yet gotten into homebrewing myself. A few years later and I was just finishing labeling a sixty bottle batch of the very same Imperial Red Ale, brewed from the same kit and branded as Hopsylvania.

It all started off as a label idea for that one IPA but ended up a full-blown branding project that required time, dedication, creativity and patience. This website is just a small part of the bigger whole that is Hopsylvania; a project on which I loved working because I love beer, but most of all I loved working on it because it was the sum of everything that made me the designer I am today.

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