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Rustic Roots

Juniper Farmhouse Ale

Commercial Series

Inspired by Norwegian kornøl, "Rustic Roots" is a farmhouse ale that was brewed in collaboration with Higgins Ale Works using an infusion of juniper branches from the Bavarian Alps and whole cone Elixir hops from France, before finally being fermented with Hornindal kveik from Norway. It pours deep bronze with rich flavors of honey, fruit, and hints of hay.

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  • Last brewedApril 1, 2023
  • Alcohol6.6%
  • MaltsPilsner, Vienna
  • HopsElixir
  • YeastWhite Labs WLP521 Hornindal Kveik
  • ExtrasBitter Orange, Juniper
Rustic Roots - Label Design

Before even brewing this beer I spent over a year learning about and experimenting with traditional and ancient beer styles, especially from Northern Europe. Among the styles that I researched and even brewed myself, one that stood out was the Norwegian kornøl (en. grain beer), an unboiled farmhouse ale fermented with kweik and brewed with juniper branches. Inspired by that style, I got together with Higgins Ale Works to brew a small experimental batch using juniper branches (Juniperus communis) foraged from the Bavarian Alps. We steeped these overnight to get a concentrated infusion which we then used for mashing along with bitter orange for adjusting pH. Unlike the traditional recipe, we did do a short boil on our batch just to ensure that it's pasteurized and sanitary. Experimenting further, we also decided to use Elixir hops, a variety from France that was new to both of us but one with an aroma profile that seemed to really complement this beer style. We split the batch in two, running half of it through a hop rocket with generous amounts of hops just before kegging, but since the differences were negligible in the end we decided to just blend the two kegs. What resulted was a modern interpretation of a traditional style, with rich mouthfeel and deep bronze color, boasting with flavors of honey and pear, along with hints of hay and tropical fruit.

Rustic Roots - Pencil DrawingRustic Roots - Ink IllustrationRustic Roots - Digital Print

The Artwork

Inspired by traditional farmhouse brewing, I couldn't help but be reminded that as humans we've been making beer far before we even had metal tools or vessels. Back then we mostly relied on wooden tools, such as brewing paddles, fermentation vessels, and barrels. With time these would become infused with many microorganisms like bacteria and wild yeasts, which at the end of the day are just fungi that decompose sugars, much like their land cousins who decompose wood and create the fruiting bodies we know as mushrooms.

Rustic Roots - Artwork


With only two kegs having been brewed, this small experimental batch was only available on tap in Munich, Germany. It was released on July 29th, 2023 with the tapping of one keg at the Lange Nacht Der Brauereien festival hosted by Giesinger Bräu. The other remaining keg was tapped on September 7th, 2023 at the launch of this year's batch of Woodland Wonders, the elderflower saison that was also brewed in collaboration with Higgins Ale Works.

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