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Alive She Cried

West Coast IPA

Homebrew Series

Named as a tribute to Jim Morrison and his lyrical genius, "Alive She Cried" is an old school IPA brewed with classic American hops. Staying true to the style, it blends piney, citrusy notes over a subtle malty backbone while also packing that signature bite of bitterness. It pairs great with some good tunes on a sunny day in the Indian summer, for the music is your special friend!

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  • Last brewedNovember 3rd, 2021
  • Alcohol6.6%
  • MaltsPilsner, Vienna, Carapils
  • HopsAmarillo, Centennial, Cascade, Columbus, Simcoe
  • YeastLallemand BRY-97 American West Coast Ale
Alive She Cried - Label Design

Initially brewed in the summer of 2019 as a more generic IPA, this used to be a more tropical and fruity beer much like most of the IPAs that were already oversaturating the market at the time. With classic IPAs seemingly being a thing of the past and market options being limited, I decided to repurpose this beer and completely change the recipe to something that is a better fit for both the name and my taste preference, an old-school West Coast IPA. Using a completely different grain bill and fermenting with a highly-flocculant yeast strain like the LalBrew BRY-97, this IPA pours a clear bright golden-amber color, setting the stage for those classic American hops to shine through. With Centennial, Cascade and Columbus as a piney-resin base, and adding some Amarillo and Simcoe for a bit of a citrusy-grapefruity kick, this IPA has the IBUs to deliver that signature bite of bitterness typical of the style.

Alive She Cried - Pencil DrawingAlive She Cried - Ink IllustrationAlive She Cried - Digital Print

The Artwork

Deeply inspired by knowing that the only thing that is constant is change, this artwork touches on the duality of life and death, and the transformative nature of all things, blending the mysticism and wisdom of the crow with psyhedelic elements to cleanse those doors of perception. It's all about altering one's state of consciousness and looking inwards in search of deep personal truths.

Alive She Cried - Labels
Alive She Cried - Mountaintop View
Piscul Baciului in Piatra Craiului • 2,238m
Carpathian Mountains, Romania


This is a homebrewed beer that is not available for sale or distribution of any kind. It was brewed at home in small quantities to be shared only with family and friends simply out of passion for the craft and as a tribute to the music that inspired it.


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